Why Bali Is Loved By Tourists

When talking about a favorite destination to spend the end of the year, many people will choose Bali. It is not without a reason Bali is widely popular not only locally but also internationally. Cheap Bali tour offered by many travel companies also made this island always swarming with tourists. The beaches in Bali are one of the main attractions because the beauty of the sunset cannot be compared to any other place. However, the richness in culture and history is what makes Bali different than any other place in the world. It is undeniable since long ago the history and culture of Bali that made Bali known throughout the world. Although Bali is often visited by foreign tourists, the Balinese people still hold fast to their customs and cultural diversity. Inheritance and awig-awig (rules) made by ancestors are still used as a reference. Many historical buildings are well guarded and even become religious tourism sites.

Another reason why Bali is loved by many people is the affordable places to stay. There are many variations of lodging to choose from when vacationing in Bali, from hotels, villas, guest houses, homestays, to hostels. Price choices also compete with the rise of property development in Bali. The number of hotel choices and various facilities supported by large companies booking lodging services that offer the lowest prices may make you more confused to make a choice. Prices of 3-star hotels depending on the chosen location and vacation time.

If you like shopping then Bali is the perfect place for you. There are many outlets with various local and international brands to choose from. For just shopping for souvenirs there are many traditional markets at affordable prices that can be visited. If you are lazy to do bargaining in the traditional market, there are many convenient souvenir centers that air-conditioned with free packing facilities. For the price, you don’t need to worry, guaranteed affordable because some items are taken directly from the manufacturer.

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